Three Qualities of an A+ Essay.

There’s a lot more to writing an essay than meets the eye. And every college student’s nightmare is to work hard on an essay, wait two weeks only to find that they received a substandard grade. When you offer custom essay writing services, such as does, you come across many “levels” of essays. Some good, some not so good.  Although there are many types of essays, there are a few basic qualities that every essay should have.

1. Introduction

A strong essay introduction has to have a strong thesis statement, proper structure and grammar, and a attention grabber. This can be a quote or an interesting fact. Surprise your reader with something that is counter-intuitive about your subject, or a little-known fact that introduces the reader to your essay.

2. Body Paragraphs
Here is the meat of your essay. Each paragraph should make a claim that directly supports or relates to your thesis statement. This is where the majority of your citations will be. It is important that you do not just regurgitate resources or summarize, you MUST include your take on the subject. Do you agree with your source? What important information can be taken from this reseach

3. Conclusion
A conclusion should accurately sum up all the ideas of your essay, restate your thesis statement, and leave the reader with an interesting thought. Ending an essay with a quote or an insight looking toward the future is often a great way to end an essay.

*Don’t forget about proper citation (Professors love to hack away valuable points for sloppy citation).

After you write your essay, it is essential that you proofread and edit your essay. At the end of the day, whether you are writing a book review, a compare and contrast essay, or a persuasive essay, you need to have the fundamentals down to ensure a good grade. You can also employ the use of essay editing services to get an extra pair of eyes looking for mistakes. You can even use our essay writing services and order a so you can have the tools you need to write a good essay.

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