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Book Reports

Excellent Book Report Writing

Book reports are similar to book reviews, but are often longer and more scholarly. Book reports often provide a summary of the work, and also an in depth analysis of a book's plot, characters, symbolism and overall message. Writers must present an intricateunderstanding of the author's views and intentions of the book.

A common misconception of the book report is that a great deal of summarization is required in order to write a good book report. While some summarization is necesary, it is of little use unless the writer adds their own analysis of the summary. Professor's want students to express their ideas and interpretations of a book, not just simply report what the student has read. In order to achieve this balance of summary and analysis, one must have read the book thourohly, and also have a comman of the English language and analytical ability. Our writers at 24essay.com are dedicated to their passion and their profession: writing. They enjoy reading and provding analysis, and they possses the reading and writing prowess to produce an astoudning book report.

As a result, whenever we receive an order for a book reprot, we always have a willing and enthusiastic writer on stand by to accept and promptly complete the offer.

Fiction on the
professional level

Book reports based on works of Fiction need to include all aspects of literary terms, such as plot, characters, setting, and theme. Book reports on fictions must perform and analysis of each of these aspects, while adding their own unique interpretation of these devices as well. The journalists question of Who, What, Where, When, and Why must be answered, but also must contain the writer's own innovative and unique interpreation of the novel. Book reports on fiction often more flexbility than those based on nonfiction. Our writers possess both the academic background to write an analsyis of a fiction novel, but also the creative power necesary to formulate a convincing argument as well.


Book reports based on a work of non-fiction must be set in a context set for the given subject the book is written. Obviously non-fiction books are based on facts, and therefore generally require more research then fiction books. Non-fiction books cite credible sources of information, such as scholarly articles, other books, or published journals and magazines. When writing a book report on a non-fiction book, a writer must be able to critique the author' overall message and technique. Regardless of whether the book report is about a work of non-fiction or fiction, the writer must identify the main ideas and themes presented in the book. Our writers are innovative and orginal, providing book reports that are insightful and reflect the personal views of their customer.

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